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Wishy Washy

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Wishy Washy app is the new way of getting your clothes washed, ironed and dry cleaned. Sign in and select for reliable laundry and dry cleaning services at your doorstep; your clothes will get picked from the location and delivered to you after being processed as per your requirement.

How does the app work?
1.Sign-up (if you are a new user) or login.
2.Tap to select from the given options (Man/woman/kid/others).
3.Select the item (jeans, T-shirt, shirt, etc.),quantity and the service (wash, wash & iron, dry clean).
4.Schedule the pickup.
5.Review the order and submit.

By clicking the hamburger menu on the left hand side of the screen, you will see:
1. Dashboard – It shows the list of options for whom the cleaning is available, for instance, Man/woman/kid/others.
2. Order history – It displays the items you have so far got cleaned from the Wishy Washy.
3. Payment history – It displays the amount you have paid for the clothes washed.
4. Price list – You can check the cost of cleaning for every item.
5. Profile – Tapping on this, lets one see and change his personal details. Note: The email ID once set can’t be changed.
6. Logout – Click on this to log out the app.

With Wishy Washy app in your smart phone, you no longer have to bother yourself for washing or dry cleaning dirty clothes, all you have to do is install this app and click to get your clothes cleaned.

This laundry app is available in three versions: for the customer, for the delivery boy and for the admin.

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