Salesforce CRM Connector in Magento2

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Salesforce CRM Connector in Magento2

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The Salesforce CRM Connector is an extension that can be used to sync products from Magento 2 store to your Salesforce account.

With this extension, you can directly sync products on your Magento store with the product list in your Salesforce account. You simply enter the details of your Salesforce account in the Magento admin, and just like that, you have begun the synchronizing process. Once that's done, every time you make a new entry in your product list, your Salesforce CRM account will automatically be updated. Similarly, when you edit a product in the Magento store, the same changes will also reflect in your Salesforce CRM as well.

That applies to the mass deletion of products as well. If you select products from Magento admin product listing and delete them in bulk, then the same action will automatically take place at your connected Salesforce account.

For smooth functioning of this extension, it’s important that your Magento store is secure and runs on HTTPS protocol. That is, you should have an SSL certificate installed on your website for this extension to work seamlessly.

Salesforce Connection Configuration:

Using the following description, you can set up the extension for Magento-Salesforce integration.

  • Username: This is your Salesforce username, i.e., the username you use to log in to your Salesforce account.
  • Password: This would be the password you use to log in to your Salesforce account.
  • Salesforce Security Token: The token is available in your Salesforce account itself and received by email from For this, you can use below-mentioned URL for reference:


Product sync Configuration:

This configuration is used to enable/disable product synchronization from Magento2 store with Salesforce. This also features the setting to set the number of products pages and product limit for the initial synchronization.

  • Sync product: A functionality to Enable/Disable syncing of products from your Magento 2 store to Salesforce account.
  • Set per page sync limit: A functionality to set product page limit for synchronization in your Magento store..
  • Set product sync limit: A functionality to set the number of how many products are to be synced at a time. e.g.: 10 products, 20 products, 100 products


Salesforce Product Mapping List:

This section allows admin to set mapping configuration in Salesforce account.

  • Add Mapping field: Allows admin to create a number of mapping section in the list.
  • Mapping Field Configuration: Admin can manage the title of Mapping section, the name of Salesforce table and status of the same. Then he/she can define field/attribute names for databases in Magento and Salesforce. That way the admin can manage what fields/attributes of the products in Magento store are to be synced with Salesforce, with what name, and in which table.


Support :

If you found any difficulties in configuration with salesforce You can contact paid support team at

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