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Ultimate Cart Split Order

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Ultimate Cart Split Order allows your online store to split the order into an order for each item in the cart. With different order IDs, customers can view all the order ids in their Order History and track each item separately. The admin generate separate invoices and shipments for each split order. Shipping charges and tax are also split based on items. This extension Magento 2 default offline payment methods: Check / Money Order and Cash on Delivery.

Processing and managing an order which has multiple products belong to different sellers in a single checkout session might be confusing. Also, the shopping cart looks a bit compact.

This will divide the cart based on the number of sellers like if a customer adds products belong to four different sellers, then the cart will get split into four. This way customers can add multiple seller's products to their cart and place order separately for each seller.


  • Separate order ids will be generated at the back-end if there are multiple seller products in the shopping cart.
  • Admin will be able to generate separate invoice and shipment for each order id for different sellers.
  • The customer will receive different order ids if they have purchased multiple seller products.
  • Order Management from the admin’s end will be very easy.
  • The codes are open source so it can be customized easily.


Benefits & Usage

Ultimate Cart Split Order for Magento 2 will create the separate order IDs as per different sellers. This add-on will create less confusion and mismanagement in the marketplace.

After the placing, the order with multiple seller products in the single cart, the customer, and the respective sellers will get their order IDs automatically. The customers and the sellers will be able to view separate order information for different products. The sellers can generate separate invoices and shipments for different order IDs for the customers. Also, the process of refund, return, replace becomes simpler to manage for both the customers and the sellers.

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