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  1. Magneto 2 Meta Import Export Extension
    CMS Meta Import Export Extension
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    Ultimate CMS Meta Import Export provides text that describes a page’s content where the metadata appears on the page itself. This is an important factor in deciding the search engine rankings of your pages. With a large store, you may face problems with managing metadata for your website pages. Ultimate CMS Meta Import Export extension will add the mass action “Export” in the CMS grid in the Magento 2 Admin. You can export all CMS page metadata and import them to another Magneto 2 Admin. You can also import via CLI command. When you go with the import action, there will be a few options to import metadata based on stores and some other methods like override and skip, etc.
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  2. 20% Off with DSOFF20 Magento 2 Brand Slider Extension
    Magento 2 Brand Slider Extension
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    Brand Slider extension allows online merchants to easily upload brand logos, and display these on home page and other cms pages. The extension can be seamlessly integrated with your online store in a hassle-free manner.
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