Dotsquares Facebook Like Button

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Dotsquares Facebook Like Button

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Dotsquares Facebook Like Button

"Dotsquares_Fblike" is an extension for Magento which add "Dotsquares_Fblike" button on your Product detail page without any hassle or change of codes. This extension is easy to use and install, it helps the customers to like your products which will be shown in their Facebook wall.


"Dotsquares_Fblike" extension will add Facebook "Like button" on product details page of your store. This extension provides you the following advantages: Socialize your products through Facebook. Improve your Facebook existence Installation Tips:- 1. Clear Cache 2. Logout and login again. 3. Go to system>> configuration >> Dotsquares Facebook Like. Set Enable as yes and save config.

Compatible with magento community 1.5 and above

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