Catalog Ajax Scroll

Catalog Ajax Scroll

Catalog Ajax Scroll

Make the whole list of catalog products loaded immediately without pagination or page reloading.
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Catalog Ajax Scroll

If you have an ecommerce website that has a really long list of products then Catalog Ajax Scroll extension is an absolute thing for you. The Catalog Ajax Scroll extension displays an infinite scroll, which results in fast surfing allowing customers to view more products, simply auto-appearing through scrolling. The extension is an ultimate advantage because it allows users to load the products of the next page, yet staying on the same page by Ajax.

Here are the features of Catalog Ajax Scroll that make it a great Magento extension:

  • Allows automatic download of the products with every page scroll
  • Offers great exposure to the content displayed on the website
  • A perfect extension for all touch based devices
  • Responsive extension- works well on all devices
  • Supported on all stores and in various languages
  • 100% open source extension
  • Supported by multiple browsers- IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera (fully tested)
  • User friendly- ultimate functionality and easily customizable
  • Compatible with Magento community 1.6 and above


The Catalog Ajax Scroll Magento extension is easy to install and the steps for the same are given below.

Go to magento connect manager and paste the extension key and click install.

After installation,active catalog ajax scroll from admin by navigate below steps:

System >> Configuration >> Catalog Ajax Scroll >> Enable Extension >> Yes


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