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Groupon Deals

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Groupon Deals Website Today everyone is on wheel, wants the things to happen quickly and so is the case in internet busniess, person wants the site very quickly to go online ASAP. To acheive the same we have created a Groupon Deals Website package that has all the features of Deal site same as Groupon. Its a script that you just need to purchase and you will have your own Deal Site instantly.

Groupon Deals Website Package comprise following features

  • Easy and Quick Start of a full featured Deals site
  • Based on world renowned Drupal CMS
  • SEO Friendly
  • Loading speed optimized.
  • Google Analytics E-Commerce integrated.
  • Free and Open-Source.
  • Installed with all security features suggested by community

As a Site the Groupon Deals script provides following features:

Customer Features:
  • Deal Listing
  • Browse Deals by Category, Past Deals
  • Subscribe to Deals
  • Purchase Deals
  • Share Deal on Social Networking Sites
  • My Deals
    • Display deals the user has purchased
    • Display details of deals that user has purchased including the amount, status, quantity, purchase time and deal info
Admin Features
  • Deal Management
    • Admin has the ability to create deal by City and Category
    • Ability to specify a start date/time, ending date/time, price, minimum purchase requirements, maximum purchase requirements, upload photos and video links, set terms and conditions, order details, coupon delivery option
    • Admin can edit/delete existing deals
  • Ability to define multiple cities so users can switch between cities
  • Built-in WYSIWYG editor
  • Quick Stats - Display your Group Deal site statistics including total deals, members, subscribers, orders and Daily stats
  • Subscription Manager - View/Manage subscribers. Admin also have the ability to filter the subscriber list by City or Email address
  • Payment Management
    • View Payment received for deals purchase
  • Order Manager
    • View Orders for your Group Deal site
    • Search orders for your by email, order number
    • Display orders with info such as item, user, quantity, total amount, delivery and ability to delete orders
  • User Management
    • Ability to search for users via email
    • View/manage list of users
  • Category Management
    • Create/edit/delete new cities
    • Create/edit/delete new deal categories
  • Site Configuration
    • Setup basic settings for your Group Deal site such as website name, title, currency, enable email verification
    • Supported Payment options: Paypal
    • Configure email settings: SMTP/PHP Mail
    • Enable/disable cities
    • Page editor: Edit website pages
    • Skin manager: customize the look and feel of your Group Deal site by selecting pre-loaded website themes
    • Template Manager: Allow easy editing of the Group Deal website templates

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