Order Import Export in Magento2

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Order Import Export in Magento2

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Order Import Export extension exports orders in bulk and imports them into another Magento version. It provides an easy way to migrate or transfer order data and related customer data to another Magento instance. Using this extension you can export and import all order data such as order invoices, shipments and credit memos as well as all related customer data such as billing/shipping address and email address.

Order Import Export extension will create orders for guest and also for registered customers. Orders will automatically assign if order email address match with any existing customer else it will create an order for the guest customer. This extension supports all types of products and it can also create custom error log file. The Admin can only import maximum 100 data in single time.

This extension is useful because by default Magento doesn’t provide user to import-exports orders in bulk and imports them into another Magento version. Order Import Export extension is very easy to use and it does not require any technical skills.


  • Export Orders by simply choosing them at the Orders Grid.
  • Import Orders to corresponding store views or define a particular store view.
  • Create customers based on Billing / Shipping Address.
  • Allow importing/exporting orders for all types such as simple, bundle, grouped, etc.
  • Enable importing order with any shipping methods.
  • Able to generate invoices, shipments, and credit memos when importing.
  • This extension is easy to use and manageable without any technical proficiency.


Magento version Compatible

Compatible with CE: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2


Unzip extension and upload at app/code directory. Enter command of upgrade after upload file.

Support :

Mail Us: support.extensions@dotsquares.com

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