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Node Paypal Payment

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Node Paypal Payment module allows admin to take payment at time of the node creation. It takes payment using Paypal Standerd Method. Admin can allow this for multiple node types and also able to set amount, currency, option to choose thank you page after the payment completion, thank you and cancel messages etc.


  • Extract the tar.gz into your 'modules' or directory and copy to modules folder.
  • Go to "Extend" after successfully login into admin.
  • Enable the module at administer >> modules.


The Node Paypal Payment module has no dependencies, nothing special is required.


The configuration page is at admin/content/npp,where you can configure the Node Paypal Payment module and enable it to allow take payment for node creation. you can set paypal email ID to take payment and other configurations.


1. Disable the module from 'administer >> modules'. 2. Uninstall the module

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