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My Coffee Shop - Admin

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Coffee shop admin app lets you get connected to your stores and the customers, is aimed at offering a variety of coffee to the customers and hence brings in business for you.

A. Admin App: It has a number of features that help you manage the Stores and Customers after you log in:

1. Login – admin login/Store Login
2. Dashboard – Displays app navigation menu
3. Menu – Displays coffee menu’s list
4. Stores – view store list, add new store
5. Quantity - View Quantity, Add quantity and price
6. Order – Receive order, view order, order detail screen
7. Coupon - A coupon can be created by using the below options-
- Enter coupon code
- Checkbox to make the order free
- Discount in percentage or price
- Currency selection
- Minimum number of order
- Minimum amount of order
- Applied per user
- Start Date and End Date
- Coupon status
- Description
8. View Coupon list
9. Filter Coupon
10. Rewards Listing
11. Add Reward
12. Redemption List]
13. Add Redemption

B. Store App: It has a number of features that help you manage the Store:
1. Order Screen – Accept/Decline order
2. Order Detail
3. Status – Filter by status

Please use below email and password to use admin login:
Password: 123456

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