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My Coffee Shop

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Coffee shop customer facing app lets the customer get connected to the multiple stores and allow the facility to order the coffees available into a particular store.

It has a number of features that help you ordering a variety of coffee after you log in:

1. Dashboard – It displays app navigation menus
2. Search OR View nearby Stores, Call Stores – It allows you to view the nearby stores or can enter a store name to find out.
3. Coffee available at Store – displays list of coffees available in a store
4. Cart List – it shows the coffees added into the cart, ability to update quantity and delete the item into a particular store.
5. Review Order, Submit – Here, you can review the order details before submitting it , add suggest time,apply coupon code and redeem reward points
6. Apply coupon
7. Reward Points : Rewards are added in user account based on the orders he places. These points can be used while making an order in future.
8. Order List, Order Detail – it displays a list of orders along with their status
9. Profile – This screen provides the ability to update the profile information like name, number and address.

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