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DS Launcher

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Smartphone’s are of great help these days, anything can be done quickly from saving important data to schedule important events. But if it’s accessible to children then it can create a problem.

Here we are with DS Launcher application that provides the opportunity to parent to restrict what child can see on phone/tablet. A parent can easily select required applications from different application types and handover the phone to child with launcher home. Now they will only see what parent has selected. To close launcher a password will be required that parent can set from settings panel, so that child itself is not able to close launcher.

Features in DS Launcher

  • Easy Child Navigation
  • Happening User Interface, designed as per children
  • Application lock forbids a child to close DS Launcher, hence save your data and settings
  • Easy selection of required applications accessible to child
  • Parents can add images and videos on device, so that children have a safe list of images and videos that can be accessed without the worry of them viewing dangerous content.

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