Wishy Washy Delivery Boy

Wishy Washy Delivery Boy

Wishy Washy Delivery Boy

Install Wishy Washy Delivery Boy app and let technology help you be the delivery boy for laundry services. With this app on your smart phone, you can get a job where you have to pick clothes from the customers, deliver them to the laundry and vice versa.

App Feature

How does the app work? It’s a simple two step app which works as follows:
1.Login – To log in, enter your email ID and password.
2.Latest order page – After logging in, you can accept or decline the order by tapping on the accept or reject button, respectively.

Besides the above mentioned steps, there are several features in the app to make your work hassle free:
1. Dashboard – When you get a call request, you see accept and reject buttons on the dashboard. It also displays order details, such as the address, pickup time, name of the client, item details, etc.
2. Order history – It displays the order status:
Pickup – Whether or not the order has been picked up by you.
Delivery – Whether or not you have delivered the order picked.
Waiting – When you are in the middle of picking or delivering the order.
3. Payment history – This is active only after you receive the payment. It shows the order details.
4. Profile - Tapping on this, lets one see and change his personal details. Note: The email ID once set can’t be changed.
5. Logout - Click on this to log out the app.
So, install this app and earn money by being the delivery boy.

Note: This laundry app is available in three versions: named as "Wishy Washy" for the customers, as "WishyWashy Delivery Boy" for the delivery boy named and named as "Wishy Washy Admin" for the admin.

For any issue please contact us: support.extensions@dotsquares.com

App Author Company

Dotsquares is a CMI Level 3 Company.

Dotsquares head office is based in Albourne (near Brighton and Hove), United Kingdom with international offices in USA, Australia and has in-house development centres in Jaipur, India. We work very closely with all our clients, always looking to forge long term relationships, and offer offshore outsourcing services which reduce costs, enhance organisational flexibility and improve business and IT performance.

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