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With Dotsquares Stores' Product QR Code Generator Magento 2 Extension, you can expand the functionality of your Magento 2 e-commerce store by adding QR codes to product and category pages and allowing your customers to track shipping and handling. QR codes are enabled in required pages when this Magento 2 Product QR Code Generator Extension is installed.

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By Using the  Product QR Code Generator Magento 2 Extension from Dotsquares Stores, you can provide your customers with a convenient way to track the status of their orders as they are processed. After adding this Magento 2 Product QR Code Generator Extension, the following websites support QR codes:

- Product pages
- Track order
- Category pages

Any page's admin can disable the extension. The admin can set the QR size based on the website's layout. Customers can use a QR scanner or app on their smartphone to read product information, when QRs are enabled on the frontend. This extension lets customers retrieve QR data. Magento 2 Product QR Code Generator Extension is Easy-to-install.

Extension Features:

Admin Feature

1) Provides the option to share QR codes in the product gird (in admin):

Each item's QR code will be displayed in a separate column. The QR code will also be visible on the website's front end if the feature is set to "frontend." There is a URL for the product's front end in the QR code. The QR code can be emailed right from the product grid, or the administrator can download it as a PNG image to use later. 
In addition, there is a unique feature that lets you "add to cart" basic items while opening a more in-depth page for the more complex items. To some extent, this is controllable through settings.

2) Provides the ability to add QR codes to the category view (in the admin area)

An admin-side QR image will be included in the category view, which will link to the frontend's category list page URL. The QR code in PNG format is available for download in the admin panel under the appropriate category.

3) Track orders can be added using QR codes (in administration)

A QR image will be added to the shipping/order section if the track can be seen in the admin's order view. When this is enabled, the client is informed of the shipping and handling details.

Website Front Feature

1) The front-end allows adding QR codes to category lists

A customer can scan a QR code on the category list page and then forward that code to others via email. 

2) Add QR codes to the product detail page (on the frontend)

The product page will include a QR code that shoppers can scan, save, and forward via email. 

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Extension Features:

Admin Feature

1) Allows adding QR in the product Gird with share option (In admin):

Extra column will be added with a QR image for every product. If the feature is enabled for frontend, the QR will also appear on the frontend of the website. The QR contains the frontend URL of the particular product. Admin can download the QR in PNG format as well as share the QR code via email from the product grid.

Besides, there is also a special feature that allows the "add to cart" functionality for simple products while opening detailed page for rest of the products. This is manageable by configuration.

2) Allows adding QR in the category view (in admin)

QR image will be added in the category view of the admin, which contains the category list page URL of the frontend. Admin can download the QR in PNG format from the category view.

3) Allows adding QR in track order section (in admin)

QR image will be added in the track order/shipping section if the track is available in the order view of admin. Enabling this lets the customer know the shipping and handling information.

Website Front Feature

1) Allows adding QR in the category list page (on frontend)

In which a QR code will be displayed on category list page and it allows customer to download and share the QR code through Email.   

2) Allows adding QR on the product detail page (on frontend)

In which a QR code will be displayed on product detail page and it allows customer to download and share the QR code through Email.   

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