Joomla Site Maintenance

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Joomla Site Maintenance

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Site Maintenance plug-in allows you to easily create and customize your Joomla! off-line page. This page can be used for an under-construction website or an under-maintenance website. You will also be able to choose displaying the contact us form or not.

This plugin works with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.X

With this plugin, the offline page is responsive and customizable, you'll be able to show or not the information below.

Features of Plug-In:

  • You can add logo.
  • Favicon Icon can be added.
  • Contact Information can be shown.
  • Social networks can be shown.
  • Time and Date Counters with different formats and colors.
  • Background color or image.
  • Page color theme.
  • Contact Us form.

Instructions to install Plug-In:

  • Download plug-in from here.
  • Log into your site as an administrator.
  • Go to the 'Extensions' tab at the top and choose 'Extension Manager'.
  • Where it says 'Upload Package File', click 'Choose File' and locate the downloaded zip file that you did in step 1.
  • Click 'Upload and Install'.
  • Now, under the 'Extensions' tab, select 'Plug-in Manager'.
  • Search for the name and find our plug-in.
  • You can now click on the plug-in to enable it (click the red button and it'll turn green).
  • You can also edit the plug-in options by clicking its name

How to use Plug-In:

In this Plug-in here are few tabs through which admin can do plug-in settings. Below is brief description of tabs

1. Plug-in (Basic)

Admin can set

a. Logo,

b. Offline Message,

c. Offline Message color,

d. Favicon,

e. Style background image (By default and other background image),

f. Copyright Text

g. header and footer color

h. site font color change

2. About Plug-in

In this tab all description about this plug-in is there.

3. Contact Details

Admin can set contact details which will show in top right of header section

a. Show Contact (set yes or no to show contact details on frontend)

b. Address

c. Phone

d. Fax

e. Email

f. Recipient Email Id( when user sends email through contact us form then it will be sent to this email id.)

4. Social Networks

Admin can add follow links here for

facebook, twitter, Google plus, pinterest, youtube

5. Time Date Countdown

Admin can select option to show time and date countdown functionality. Here admin can select circular, Flip Clock and basic clock setting. Also do settings for these clocks. Clock will work on server timing's and time should be in 24 hours format.

6. Setting for circular clock settings

In this tab settings can be done for circular clock like color for hours, minutes and seconds etc.

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