GDPR Support

GDPR Support

GDPR Support

Provides cookie compliance and customer data anonymization. When added on a website, it will run a cookie notification popup requesting 'express consent'.

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This GDPR support extension makes your website compliant with the GDPR policies brought into effect on May 25, 2018, by the European Union. With this extension, the admin can customize varied forms on the website including the ones on the Contact Us, Customer Registration, and Checkout pages, to make them compliant with the GDPR policies. This means there will be appropriate checkboxes with all the forms, using which customers can control how their information is processed by the website.

The primary checkboxes that get added to your website when you install this extension are the ones for Newsletter subscription consent and the ‘default’ terms and conditions agreement. It is only after agreeing to these checkboxes, the entries in the corresponding databases are made.

Other than these checkboxes, your customers can also manage their information by completely deleting their identifiable records from your website. For the feature to work, the admin has to enable the setting from the admin panel. He/she can also set default anonymous values for the fields like email address, name, and contact number. That way the deleted records can be replaced with the anonymous data. Once enabled, the customers can delete their details from the website using their account dashboard. Doing so will delete all the identifiable data replacing it with anonymous information. It is notable that only the customers with completed orders can delete their records. Customers with pending or under-process orders cannot delete their account until all their orders’ status are set as completed.

The extension also allows the admin to enable or disable the traditional Cookies consent pop-ups. Using the same window, they can also change the display content of those pop-ups.


  • Admin can enable and disable the extension..
  • Admin can enable/disable website policy link on checkout and contact-us pages.
  • Admin can enable/disable the setting that allows customers to delete their account from the dashboard.
  • Admin can manage the pop-up/message display content regarding the website and the GDPR policy.
  • Admin can enable/disable the cookies compliance popup on the website.
  • A checkbox control is there in the configuration which, if enabled in the admin, will allow the customer to delete his account and anonymize his order details.
  • If any customer has orders with statuses as pending/processing on the website, then he cannot delete his account. He can only delete his account if all the orders are set in 'complete' status.


Magento version Compatible

Compatible with CE:2.3.3, 2.4


Unzip extension and upload at app/code directory. Enter command of upgrade after upload file.

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