Your menu is a good example of the wide variety of tastes and likes customers have. I can’t imagine your menu being limited to one starter, main dish and just apple pie and cream for dessert. The same goes for your customers ordering preferences and eating habits.  Customers like choice - we see this every day and in all walks of life. 

As a web development agency that has produced a specialised app for takeaway restaurants, we certainly think there is a need for some customers to benefit from an app.  We believe you need to cater for as many customers as possible, as customers come with a great number of different needs!

Additionally the takeaway industry has widened the eating and dining habits of consumers. Introducing new innovations aiding convenience and wider variety of eating options - online orders, delivery, takeaway and drive through

The addition of an app aids this convenience of ordering from a local takeaway restaurant and can encourage loyalty, along with the repeat business that it brings. Our product Your Own Takeaway App has many features just like an ecommerce website dedicated to your business.


Why do I need an App?

Because everyone uses apps now, so you're missing out if you don't - it's simple and quick for the customer, no messing with Google searches, dodgy websites or phone calls.

If you do not have a website, the option of building an app is usually cheaper in terms of increasing your online presence.  The advantages are not as great as a website but it provides customers with another convenient option for purchasing online. 

Regular customers like to have things made easy for them, so if they know your takeaway is only one tap away on their phone the greater the chance they will purchase from you.

There are many features and benefits Your Own Takeaway App can provide your customers and these include:

  • Easy Account creation & Secure login
  • Customers will always have the latest menu and prices
  • The order processes is quick and easy
  • Advance menu options
  • Customer repeat order easily
  • Customer can add special requests
  • Offers tab for easy access to the latest deals
  • PayPal or cash on delivery payment options
  • Delivery / Pick up time selection
  • Ability to include allergy information

Apps are often easier for customers to use on a smartphone as they are primarily just for smartphones. But it is your regular customer that will benefit and a great way of building repeat business. Once a customer has your customised takeaway or restaurant app there is less chance customers will go to your competition just down the road.

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