Multiple Wishlist Extension for Magento 2

Magento has always been the favorite of all the developers and businesses around the globe to create e-commerce websites because of its powerful marketing, catalog management, and search engine optimization tools.

Also, the ease to set up the online store while including cart and payment options and controlling the lookout of the product listing makes this open-source a preferred choice among merchants as they can manage their e-commerce platform conveniently.

Subsequently, Magento 2 made it even easier to control the look, functionality, and content of the online businesses. However, there are still some functionalities that are not readily available on the open-source technology and thus can be incorporated using extensions that have been designed and created by experienced developers to make the shopping experience even more delightful for your customers while giving you an edge in the online space.

Indeed, if you want to succeed in the e-commerce world among thousands of your competitors, then you need to not just give your customers better quality products at competitive prices, but you would also have to give them the ease to shop at your portal. One way to do it is by offering them the provision of creating multiple wishlists.

Magento 2 lets customers create one wishlist, but with the multiple wishlist extension, they can enjoy the ease of organizing their favorite products in different categories so that they can come back and purchase them quickly in the future. This will not just make the shopping experience more rewarding for them, but will also increase the probability of converting their selections into sales for your business.

DS Stores offers an exclusive extension for Multiple Wishlist for Magento 2 that allows your customers to not just create several listings of their favorite products, but also allow them to share those lists with their families and friends. This could come quite handy for them while selecting gifts for somebody or make a big purchasing decision as they might need some consultation.

Consequently, the admin can manage the multiple wishlists at the backend with ease, thus planning marketing strategies according to ensure minimal abandoned carts rate.

You can buy the premium version of this magento extension to increase your customer loyalty rate right now . In case you have any queries or custom business requirements, connect with our expert team of developers to create a solution for your e-commerce website.