New Magento Business Intelligence – Benefits to E-Commerce Platforms

With the latest roll out of Magento Business Intelligence in the summers of 2019, the Magento BI tool has received few new dashboard visualizations, improved scheduling capabilities and a whole lot of other features. But before we start discussing those features, let’s talk about what exactly Magento Business Intelligence is.

Magento Business Intelligence

Magento BI is a customizable cloud-based visualization and data management platform that offers user-friendly and integrated dashboard along with analytical tools that help in expert data harnessing.
It fetches data from the database of customers, Magento extensions and other third-party tools before consolidating insights that they require to answer queries such as which channels are offering the most value in getting customers and what will be the impact of returned orders on the loyalty among others.

We can divide Magento BI into three areas:

  • Visualizing Space
  • Analytical Space
  • Single Data Storage Space

Features of New Magento Business Intelligence

Magento BI is a really powerful, useful and exciting online analytical tool for e-commerce websites. However, Magento developers are continuously working to ensure that instruments and tools created by them are progressively upgraded and updated. So, let’s have a look at what all new features does the Magento Business Intelligence has to offer in its update that is available from September 12, 2019.

1.Schedule and Send Reports Timely with Enhanced Quality of Email Summaries

It can be quite difficult to keep a track of what information is being sent out to whom and how frequently updates are being mailed, especially in the medium and large scale companies where a lot requires to be managed regularly. With this newly integrated feature in Magento Business Intelligence, it is now possible to schedule and mechanize the process of sending visualized reports and information to the concerned person or a group of people.

Also, a summarized email summary can be programmed using the built-in calendar to get information about who got the reports and what all information was provided in those reports.

2.Enhanced Data Visualization Capabilities for Reports

The Magento Business Intelligence update has launched three new options for visualization of data – scatter plot, bubble chart and scatter plot consisting of a trend line. These options are not just more descriptive as compared to line graphs and pie charts, but they also make the data representation look more appealing and comprehensive.

Also, it is now possible to introduce new value to the bubble chart by adding a third or fourth dimension in the data presented.

Summarizing It

Now, these two inclusions might not feel like they have any major impact at first, but they have definitely made the data analysis and representation easier for business analysts, team leads and managers. The Magento as a brand has really gone to prove with these features that it closely monitors the requirements of users and ensure that missing features are introduced timely for better user experience.

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