How to choose the right Magento 2 extension and boost eCommerce Sales

When it comes to e-commerce tools, Magento is counted amongst the most powerful ones. And talking specifically about Magento 2, it has been gaining popularity ever since its inception. E-Commerce owners prefer Magento 2 over Magento 1. If you also want to migrate your ecommerce store to Magento 2, don’t forget to update it with more features using some of the awesome Magento 2 extensions. How to choose the right Magento2 extensions, you ask? Well, here we have written a few tips to help you zero-in on the right extensions for your store:

  1. Price is not everything

Don’t go for cheap or free extensions. Quality comes at a cost and so does good extensions. Paid extensions offer better functionality over free extensions.

  1. Better customer support

Try to pick extensions from online stores like Dotsquares Stores that offer great customer support.

  1. Choose extensions that are regularly updated

Your website keeps getting better with extensions that are regularly updated.

While you should keep the above points in mind for choosing the right Magento 2 extensions, we have shortlisted a few extensions that can enhance your e-commerce store:

Ultimate Cart Split Order

For customers who are ordering more than one item, this extension will generate different order IDs for each item in the order thus splitting the entire order and helping track item separately. Shipping charges and tax are also split based on items.

Ultimate Accelerated Mobile Pages

This extension loads pages directly from Google AMP Cache and these are thus faster as compared to non-AMP ones. Not just this, but the AMP pages created by this Magento 2 extension will be super lightweight and make minimum HTTP requests to speed up page load time.

Dotsquares Age Verification popup

This extension restricts person below a certain age to access your website. This extension will provide complete control to the admin to manage the content and images on the popup.

Math Captcha

No website owner ever wishes to receive spam emails from default Magento form. This extension helps solve the problem by asking users math question.

These were a few good Magneto 2 extensions, there are many more such available on Dotsquares Stores website. Find the extension you were looking for. Not just this, but we also offer great customer support. In case you find any issue with any of our extension, call us on +44 1273 575190 and we’ll be happy to help.