Convert Your Magento Store to a Mobile App! Try the Most Convenient Mobile Application Builder, Magento Acquisto!

Are you looking for an extension to convert your Magento 2 store to a customizable mobile app? Want a mobile application for your e-commerce store to offer a more personalized shopping experience to your customers? This is fabulous if you already know that having a mobile app for business and customers is how much important today.

It helps boost up sales, customers can browse and order products anytime, from anywhere, therefore, offering more exposure to the sellers. Magento Acquisto by Dotsquares is one of the finest and most convenient extensions in the market to lets you build an e-commerce mobile application. With this Magento 2 Mobile App Builder, you can easily turn your e-commerce site to a mobile app, thus, increasing your sales.

Why Having a Customizable Mobile Application for Your Magento 2 Store is Important?

  • With a mobile app, a customer can conveniently browse products anytime, place orders, create a new account, view order details, write reviews, save items to a wish list, and do much more!
  • The mobile app enhances user engagement and eventually, e-commerce store sales.
  • Most of the consumers use mobile phones for shopping, they can easily download the mobile app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • The mobile app allows customers to buy products on a global scale, regardless of their location.

Why Use Magento Acquisto to Build an e-commerce Mobile Application?

You must try Magento Acquisto to convert your Magento store to a mobile app. You’ll love this extension because it gives a convenient and easiest solution to have a fully functional mobile app for your online store.

  • Connects with your existing Magento store in minutes.
  • Go live on app store in as little as 5 days.
  • Complete customization in terms of theme, logos, styling, and branding.
  • Quick and easy configurations.

It offers many other features so you can build a wonderful mobile app and increase your revenue. Do not waste more time and download our Magento 2 Mobile App Builder now. For more information, kindly visit dotsquares magento2 acquisto app builder or call us now!