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With the latest roll out of Magento Business Intelligence in the summers of 2019, the Magento BI tool has received few new dashboard visualizations, improved scheduling capabilities and a whole lot of other features. But before we start discussing those features, let’s talk about what exactly Magento Business Intelligence is.

Magento Business Intelligence

Magento BI is a customizable cloud-based visualization and data management platform that offers user-friendly and integrated dashboard along with analytical tools that help in expert data harnessing.
It fetches data from the database of customers, Magento extensions and other third-party tools before consolidating insights that they require to answer queries such as which channels are offering the most value in getting customers and what will be the impact of returned orders on the loyalty among others.

We can divide Magento BI into three areas:

  • Visualizing Space
  • Analytical Space
  • Single Data Storage Space

Features of New Magento Business Intelligence

Magento BI is a really powerful, useful and exciting online analytical tool for e-commerce websites. However, Magento developers are continuously working to ensure that instruments and tools created by them are progressively upgraded and updated. So, let’s have a look at what all new features does the Magento Business Intelligence has to offer in its update that is available from September 12, 2019.

1.Schedule and Send Reports Timely with Enhanced Quality of Email Summaries

It can be quite difficult to keep a track of what information is being sent out to whom and how frequently updates are being mailed, especially in the medium and large scale companies where a lot requires to be managed regularly. With this newly integrated feature in Magento Business Intelligence, it is now possible to schedule and mechanize the process of sending visualized reports and information to the concerned person or a group of people.

Also, a summarized email summary can be programmed using the built-in calendar to get information about who got the reports and what all information was provided in those reports.

2.Enhanced Data Visualization Capabilities for Reports

The Magento Business Intelligence update has launched three new options for visualization of data – scatter plot, bubble chart and scatter plot consisting of a trend line. These options are not just more descriptive as compared to line graphs and pie charts, but they also make the data representation look more appealing and comprehensive.

Also, it is now possible to introduce new value to the bubble chart by adding a third or fourth dimension in the data presented.

Summarizing It

Now, these two inclusions might not feel like they have any major impact at first, but they have definitely made the data analysis and representation easier for business analysts, team leads and managers. The Magento as a brand has really gone to prove with these features that it closely monitors the requirements of users and ensure that missing features are introduced timely for better user experience.

At, DS stores, we ensure that new updates about Magento Extensions are brought to you and you are informed about everything that happens in the online space.

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Engage Customers with Magento 2 Offer Countdown Timer

3 Oct 2019 11:52:34     Dot Square


Ecommerce is a wicked experimental space – You strategize your marketing plan, plan a promo event, and put a decent amount of money and effort. But, what happens when it doesn’t work out? It’s really disheartening, isn’t it? Well, you don’t have to worry about displaying the right offers to the people at right time to please them.

With the Magento 2 Extension having a countdown timer, you can create a sense of urgency among the customers, thus prompting them to make a buying decision.

Offer Countdown Banner for Magento 2 allows you to display multiple offers on your business website by using a banner image having a countdown timer. This offer banner can be linked up to the URL on the website where the product or offer is actually available. You will find the option to add a banner offer and link it up to the respective URL in the admin panel. Also, you will have the facility to set the start date, as well as, last date of the offer along with a description that will be displayed.

Features of Magento 2 Offer Countdown Timer

  • It supports multiple browsers including Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox & Opera
  • You can insert the banner in any of the CMS pages
  • You can insert the banner at CMS page, CMS block or widgets
  • You can add URL to a particular CMS page and category on the offer banner
  • You can enable or disable the offer banner appearing on the website from admin panel at any time
  • You can display the countdown timer with the image on the front end
  • It’s entirely an open-source
  • It’s completely user-friendly, easy to customize and has a well-designed functionality
  • It’s compatible with Magento 2.1.x & Magento 2.0.x
  • You don’t need to have any technical knowledge or expertise in order to use this plug-in
  • It’s a completely tested (thus bug-free) plugin.
  • ser Cases
  • You can place a countdown on the products that you want to highlight or want to bring to the attention of the visitors to increase their sales.
  • You can pursue a customer to purchase a product or category that they are already shown interest in by creating urgency through the countdown.
  • Countdowns placed in a shopping cart during the festive season or annual sales work as a final motivation for customers to add a product to their cart.

Get Premium Version

Invest in a premium version of Offer Countdown Banner for Magento 2 developed by Dotsquares Stores and make your offers more profitable with this plug-in.

Want to know more about Magento 2 Offer Countdown Timer Extension? Visit at our Product page!

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Magento2 extensions that can make your work easy

30 Apr 2019 12:06:15     Dot Square

There’s a shortcut to everything and so is one for web development. We are talking about the various Magento2 Extensions that spare you from coding about already existent and easily available codes. We, DS stores, have a lot of such extensions, some of which are mentioned below:

1.Math captcha

As an eCommerce portal, you would not want to get spam emails from Magento forms. Spam emails, not just fill up your space but are also a distraction and potential threat to your server. And, the best way to block these spam emails  is by using Math Captcha Extension.

This extension comes up with a maths question, the answer of which determines whether or not the user is a fake one. Dotsquares’ DS Store’s Math captcha is an extension which is:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be enabled or disabled from admin panel system configuration section
  • Allows you to show captcha on selected form

2.WhatsApp Share for Magento2

Don’t you think word of mouth is the best kind of publicity? Yes! Well, this extension lets the user promote the products with the contacts in one’s phone book. How, you ask? The only thing that the user has to do is click on the whatsapp share button and the product details along with product link page will be sent to the contact selected.

3.FAQs Magento Extension

Users visiting your website may have a lot of queries regarding your business, you can answer the probable questions by adding them in the FAQ section of the website. The best part is that the website developer doesn’t have to put in extra time and energy in developing such a page, all he has to do is install a built-in ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)’ extension. This extension will let you add questions and answers that the customers come looking forward to.

Some of its main features:

  • Adds unlimited questions and answers
  • Easy-to-install and configure on your website
  • 100% Open source.
  • Accesses whole collection of QAs at once using single link at front-end.

4.Offer Countdown Banner for Magento2

One of the ways to attract customers is by offering different discounts on the products, and what further acts like an icing on the cake is the limited period for these offers. Our Offer Countdown Banner is one such Magento 2 Extension that lets you display offer using a banner image which will stay on the page till the offer lasts. With this extension, you can: set the start date and end date of the offer, add description about the offer, display offer banner in CMS page, widget or in any other location on the website.

5.Instagram slider for Magento 2

Presence on social media is a necessity these days and our extension, Instagram Slider for Magento2 lets you do just that. This extension fetches instagram images and lets you display them on the home page, category pages or product pages, etc. The best part about this extension is that it is easy to install, comes with a ‘one click’ enable and disable feature to view the slider, cross browsers compatibility, etc.

To discover trending and most popular Magento 2 e commerce web extension, please visit at https://stores.dotsquares.com

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5 Must-Have Extensions for Your E-commerce Store

26 Jul 2018 16:37:43     Dot Square

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform & it’s a very powerful, flexible and popular tool for online retailers. Here we’ve explained the top five Magento Extensions for E-commerce Store that can help improve your site management, customer experience, functionality, and much more! The extensions from Dotsquares Stores offer everything you need to run a smooth and successful online store. Magento is a highly adaptable platform that caters to the need of any kind of user and functionality.

There is a long list of benefits that Magento Extensions for E-commerce Store offers ranging from handling storefront to the product advertising and offering promo codes to attract customers. So, what are you waiting for? Go and install these plugins today to get the best out of them for your online business.

1. Refer-friend and Reward-point

The Refer-friend and Reward-point is an extraordinary extension that allows customers to earn points through sign up and they can invite their friends via email to visit your web store and for referral registering on your website. It ultimately improves user experience, loyalty, and increase sales rates.

2. Recently Purchased Products slider

Showing the most popular products in a slider can increase your sales. This extension will help you display recently purchased products with slider on your store page in the most attractive way. Setting the title, number of products and the position of the slider can be customized from the admin panel.

3. Product Advertiser

This extension displays selected products on product advertiser section. Admin can manage to show it on CMS pages or homepage, content can be managed from static blocks or custom area in the module configuration.

4. Special Price Countdown Timer

It’s a special extension that comes with an awesome feature, Special Price Countdown Timer helps generate a block in front of the special price that will count days, hours, minutes and second in reverse order to zero after the special price is started. This plugin can be used for any number of products, read more about it here https://stores.dotsquares.com/php/magento/special-price-countdown-timer.html.

5. Ultimate Customer Promo

Promotions have a great importance in the e-commerce business. By offering promo codes or discounts, you can attract a large number of customers and help them stay connected to your store. Although you have a lot of extensions on the market, the Ultimate Customer Promo plugin is not so common. It’s an excellent plugin that provides functionality to show in the new menu option “My Promo Codes” in customer account navigation. It is easy to install and manage; you can enable/disable the module functionality.

There’s a wide collection of extensions offered by Dotsquares Stores, you can find them here https://stores.dotsquares.com/.


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Magento Extensions: Enhance the working of your website

18 Jun 2018 12:43:03     Dot Square

If your website is made in Magento and you like the way the CMS works, you’ll definitely be impressed by its upgraded version, Magento 2 which is even better since it is rebuilt from the scratch only to be easier, safer and quicker. Magento 2 has garnered a lot of popularity in the recent times and is being utilized by more than 200,000 online retailers. Not just this, but Magento also offers a range of flexible tools that work in favour of advanced marketing SEO and catalogue management needs. Looking at the growing interest of people in Magento 2, Dotsquares Stores has also introduced a few of Magento 2 extensions, some of which are listed below:

FAQ Magento2

We at Dotsquares understand that no website owner would want to indulge their programmers for petty issues and so, have come up with an extension like FAQ Magento 2. This extension lets you directly add questions and answers that customers look for on your website without taking help from the programmer. The best part is that you can add unlimited Q&A using this 100% open source, easy-to-install extension.

The premium version of this starts from $15.

Math Captcha for Magento2

Who has the time to waste time on spam emails? No one, isn’t it? With this extension you can be saved from the ordeal of going through spam emails. Install this extension, and you will hardly receive any spam email.


The premium version of this extension starts at $19.

Offer Countdown Banner for Magento2

Everyone enjoys discounts, so much so that businesses all across the world have benefited by offering special prices. The strategy of offering discounts and making money also holds true for eCommerce websites that have made a lot of money during their sale period. In order to help you grow, we at Dotsquares have developed offer countdown banner for Magento 2.
Display different offers on your products with a banner image that comes with a countdown timer. Link the offer banner with the URL that shows the discount details. The banner image allows for small description and you can also manage the start and end date.

The premium version of this extension starts at $19.

WhatsApp Share For Magento2

Install this extension and increase your product’s visibility with a WhatsApp button that allows sharing of your page using the most used messenger app. And, even if you want to disable this module on product page, you can do so from the admin panel without having to wait for a help from the programmer. In short, you don’t need to have technical knowledge for using this open source extension which is compatible with Magento 2.0.0 and Magento 2.1.x.

The premium version of this starts from $10.00

Shipping Dispatch Timer Magento 2

It’s always good to be punctual and with this extension you can just do that. Yes! If you don’t want to get late in dispatching your orders, install this extension and let the timer remind you about the time left for dispatching your order.
Go to the admin panel of this extension and set the time of dispatch, you can also specify whether or not the dispatch is on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

The premium version of this starts from $15.

To discover more Magento 2 extensions visit at: https://stores.dotsquares.com/php/magento2.html

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WordPress Plugins to make your work easier

19 Mar 2018 20:02:36     Dot Square

Want to make changes to your WordPress website? Well, the first and the foremost thing that you should consider for the WordPress development is, that DO NOT TOUCH THE WORDPRESS CORE. Yes! Editing the core WordPress files to add functionality may mean trouble in the long run. Why, you ask? Because when WordPress updates itself, it overwrites all the core files which in turn means a change in your programming; it is therefore advisable to use plugins for adding features.

We, the Dotsquares Stores have a list of plugins that on embedding can enhance the functionality of WordPress without making changes to the WordPress core itself. Buy these plugins and save yourself the time that you spend on coding and also be free from the unnecessary hassles that may occur from making changes in the core file. Let’s have a look at some of the prominent plugins from the Dotsqaures stores:

Popup Age Verification

This plugin is used to verify the age of the user, so that the visitor below a certain age is prohibited from viewing the content.

If the user is above the specified age, he will be redirected to the page mentioned in the ‘confirm age url’ and if he is not, he will be redirected to the page mentioned in the ‘not confirm age url’ in the plugin option section of the admin page. For entering the birth date, the user has to select the date of his birth from the calender.

The best part is that the Dotsquares has developed it in a way that it is easier to install and takes less than five minutes.

WP WhatsApp Sharing

Who in the world doesn’t use the messenger WhatsApp, everyone does, right? In fact, WhatsApp sharing is one of the best ways to promote your content/product. With a WhatsApp sharing button, you can easily make your content reach out to a lot of people and hence bring in traffic to your website; and to do all this we have just the right plugin for you… WP WhatsApp Sharing.

Get this easy to install plugin and let the content of the website be propagated well.
DS Woocommerce Next Previous Category Products

With this plugin installed, navigation on some other page can be easily done via next or previous buttons. For positioning of the two buttons, you can choose from the options available in the plugin option section of the admin page: before the title or floating over product page. It also allows you to show/hide product title, its image, price, select arrow colour and its background colour and select product text colour.

Offer Countdown Banner

Making the work of WordPress developers easy is this plugin that displays offers for a certain time period using a banner slider image. This plugin lets you mention the start as well as the end date for which the offer is valid. The visitor will see the time left for the offer to end. This plugin is a must for eCommerce websites as it can help increase the sale with different offers.

DS Woocommerce Order Email Export

Maintaining the client base is important for any business to grow, which is why we at Dotsquares have created the plugin DS Woocommerce Order Email Export that lets the admin to export the customer’s email addresses and other information like name, billing address, shipping address. What is best is the fact that all this information is provided in the CSV format, so that it is easy for the admin to go through the information smoothly.

While these were just a few key points about some of the important plugins, Dotsquares has many such plugins with remarkable features. To read more about our plugins, click here – http://stores.dotsquares.com/php/wordpress.html  and know in detail about each.

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Frontend performance: Important to care about?

14 Oct 2015 19:06:35     Dotsquares

Speed is the most important feature of any online store. If the speed is too slow, people will just not use the site, doesn’t matter it has great products ,low prices, the most beautiful interface, but if it takes forever to load, people will just go away. In the offline world, we often have to wait. Line in the bank, security control at the airport, checkout line at the grocery store etc. "I had such a great time waiting in the line for 3 hours" – no one ever said as people just hate waiting.

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