1. Magento Extensions: Enhance the working of your website

    If your website is made in Magento and you like the way the CMS works, you’ll definitely be impressed by its upgraded version, Magento 2 which is even better since
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  2. WordPress Plugins to make your work easier

    Want to make changes to your WordPress website? Well, the first and the foremost thing that you should consider for the WordPress development
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  3. Dotsquares Stores Brings The Three Most Exclusive Templates

    The ease with which templates can be brought to use is indeed commendable and to make sure that the best templates are used by people Dotsquares Stores has introduced the three best responsive templates.
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  4. Does my Takeaway Restaurant need an App?

    Your menu is a good example of the wide variety of tastes and likes customers have. I can’t imagine your menu being limited to one starter, main dish and just apple pie and cream for dessert. The same goes for your customers ordering preferences and eating habits. Customers like choice - we see this every day and in all walks of life.
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  5. Frontend performance: Important to care about?

    Speed is the most important feature of any online store. If the speed is too slow, people will just not use the site, doesn’t matter it has great products ,low prices, the most beautiful interface, but if it takes forever to load, people will just go away. In the offline world, we often have to wait. Line in the bank, security control at the airport, checkout line at the grocery store etc. "I had such a great time waiting in the line for 3 hours" – no one ever said as people just hate waiting.
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