5 Must-Have Extensions for Your E-commerce Store

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform & it’s a very powerful, flexible and popular tool for online retailers. Here we’ve explained the top five Magento Extensions for E-commerce Store that can help improve your site management, customer experience, functionality, and much more! The extensions from Dotsquares Stores offer everything you need to run a smooth and successful online store. Magento is a highly adaptable platform that caters to the need of any kind of user and functionality.

There is a long list of benefits that Magento Extensions for E-commerce Store offers ranging from handling storefront to the product advertising and offering promo codes to attract customers. So, what are you waiting for? Go and install these plugins today to get the best out of them for your online business.

1. Refer-friend and Reward-point

The Refer-friend and Reward-point is an extraordinary extension that allows customers to earn points through sign up and they can invite their friends via email to visit your web store and for referral registering on your website. It ultimately improves user experience, loyalty, and increase sales rates.

2. Recently Purchased Products slider

Showing the most popular products in a slider can increase your sales. This extension will help you display recently purchased products with slider on your store page in the most attractive way. Setting the title, number of products and the position of the slider can be customized from the admin panel.

3. Product Advertiser

This extension displays selected products on product advertiser section. Admin can manage to show it on CMS pages or homepage, content can be managed from static blocks or custom area in the module configuration.

4. Special Price Countdown Timer

It’s a special extension that comes with an awesome feature, Special Price Countdown Timer helps generate a block in front of the special price that will count days, hours, minutes and second in reverse order to zero after the special price is started. This plugin can be used for any number of products, read more about it here https://stores.dotsquares.com/php/magento/special-price-countdown-timer/

5. Ultimate Customer Promo

Promotions have a great importance in the e-commerce business. By offering promo codes or discounts, you can attract a large number of customers and help them stay connected to your store. Although you have a lot of extensions on the market, the Ultimate Customer Promo plugin is not so common. It’s an excellent plugin that provides functionality to show in the new menu option “My Promo Codes” in customer account navigation. It is easy to install and manage; you can enable/disable the module functionality.

There’s a wide collection of extensions offered by Dotsquares Stores, you can find them here https://stores.dotsquares.com/.