1. What is Magento 2?

    You are probably on this page because you have heard good things about Magento 2 and you wish to know in detail about it. Well, to begin with Magento 2 is an open-source e-commerce platform which came into being as a successor for its predecessor Magento 1 in 2015. In other words, it is the latest version of the e-commerce software Magento 1.

    If reports are anything to go by, Magento 2 is the most used CMS (Content Management System) used for creating online stores. It is powerful, has scalable architecture and is compatible with latest technologies such as – PHP7 which means its load time is faster than Magento 1.  It is best for big and small organizations alike.

    As an owner of e-commerce store, you must prefer Magento 2 since it comes equipped with a wide range of flexible tools that make it a better platform for

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  2. How Latest Magento 2 Extensions Can Help Garner Customer Attention

    As an e-commerce business owner, you would want to grab the attention of your prospect leads and convert them into your loyal customers.
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  3. Grow your business with Press Release in Magento2 extension

    Press Release in Magento2 is an extension by Dotsquares that allows to publish articles, blogs and news related to products, services, organization. It is your answer to keeping in-touch with your customers who love to read and stay updated with your brand...
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  4. Why You Need To Have WordPress Ultimate FAQ Plugin?

    WordPress Ultimate FAQ Plugin by Dotsquares is an easy to use, trustworthy and highly customizable FAQ building tool for WordPress users. It allows to create, manage and easily publish frequently asked questions pages using the WordPress admin panel. WordPress FAQ Plugin is so versatile and feature-rich that you’ll love using it for your site.
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  5. Convert Your Magento Store to a Mobile App! Try the Most Convenient Mobile Application Builder, Magento Acquisto!

    Are you looking for an extension to convert your Magento 2 store to a customizable mobile app? Want a mobile application for your e-commerce store to offer a more personalized shopping experience to your customers? This is fabulous if you already know that having a mobile app for business and customers is how much important today.
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  6. How to choose the right Magento 2 extension and boost eCommerce Sales

    When it comes to e-commerce tools, Magento is counted amongst the most powerful ones. And talking specifically about Magento 2, it has been gaining popularity ever since its inception. E-Commerce owners prefer Magento 2 over Magento 1. If you also want to migrate your ecommerce store to Magento 2, don’t forget to update it with more features using some of the awesome Magento 2 extensions.
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  7. Magento 1 Vs Magento 2 – What Are The Superior Differences?

    Since the release of Magento 2 in 2015, more and more of the online stores has started to move their website to the Magento 2 platform. Now it’s an obvious fact that Magento 2 has many additional features and advantages to offer as compared to its first version Magento 1 , but do you know what are the actual differences between both the versions?
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  8. Multiple Wishlist Extension for Magento 2

    Magento has always been the favorite of all the developers and businesses around the globe to create e-commerce websites because of its powerful marketing, catalog management, and search engine optimization tools.
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  9. New Magento Business Intelligence – Benefits to E-Commerce Platforms

    With the latest roll out of Magento Business Intelligence in the summers of 2019, the Magento BI tool has received few new dashboard visualizations, improved scheduling capabilities and a whole lot of other features. But before we start discussing those features, let’s talk about what exactly Magento Business Intelligence is.
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  10. Engage Customers with Magento 2 Offer Countdown Timer

    Ecommerce is a wicked experimental space – You strategize your marketing plan, plan a promo event, and put a decent amount of money and effort. But, what happens when it doesn’t work out? It’s really disheartening, isn’t it? Well, you don’t have to worry about displaying the right offers to the people at right time to please them.
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